Who makes up the Kansas City Food Circle?  We are foodies, activists, animal rights advocates, parents, caregivers, and above all, Eaters!  As an all-volunteer non-profit, we can stretch a donated dollar in ways unknown.  We can spot an organic farmer at 20 feet, and explain to new locavores how to navigate a farmer's market.  And best of all, we are passionate about keeping our local, organic, and free-range Farmers out standing in their field.  Want to join us?

Name: ">Emily Akins

What do you do? Outreach Director, media contacts

Why is the Food Circle important to you? I believe that local, organic food makes for healthier, stronger  people and healthier, stronger communities. Not to mention it's delicious!

Favorite local food: sweet potatoes!


What do you do? Farmer Membership Director, social media,  and having random conversations with total strangers about eggs and soil health.

Why is the Food Circle important to you? I want to help make it possible for everybody's kids to know what real food tastes like.  And farmers are pretty awesome people!

Favorite local food: Tomatoes and bacon. Preferably together, but I'll take what I can get.


What do you do? Eater Membership Director, social media, fundraising

Why is the Food Circle important to you? Everybody needs to have more fun with their food. And local produce from our farmers makes it easy and delicious!

Favorite local food: heirloom tomatoes for my pasta sauce

Name: Craig Volland

What do you do? I have been active in the Food Circle since its founding in 1988 and helped initiate the first farmers expo in 1999. Now my main job is to advise on the Expos.  I'm also active in the Kansas Sierra Club helping rural citizens fight large farm animal confinements also called animal factories or CAFOs.

Why is the Food Circle important to you? Industrial agricultural interests, also referred to as Big Ag, are very powerful influences in both federal and state government.  The best way to oppose them is to educate the public about more sustainable and healthful alternatives.  Big Ag can't force us (yet) to eat their mass produced food products.  I really appreciate the way the KC Food Circle has helped me find such a bounty of healthy food.

Favorite local food:  I like just about all of our farmers' products, but especially berries, kale and heirloom tomatoes.

Name: Celeste Oster

What do you do? Data entry awesomeness

Why is the Food Circle important to you? The Food Circle is important to me because it promotes a safe and humane local food system in which the growers are fairly compensated, the eaters have access to safe, nourishing food and the planet isn't compromised.

Favorite local food:  The Rolling Prairie Farmers Alliance CSA's mixed salad greens and Two Sisters Farm's red oak leaf lettuce are like crack to me.

Name: Cary Skelton

What do you do? I serve as the Wellness Coordinator on the KCFC.  I am a Registered Licensed Dietitian. I love working the Expos!

Why is the Food Circle important to you?  Promoting local food just makes sense.  Supports the local farmer.  Builds a vibrant, healthy community.  It is a sustainable act for the environment and for personal health.  Local food tastes wonderful and it is healthy!  A tomato from a farm 10-30 miles away is so much tastier than a tomato from 2500 miles away!

Favorite local food: Eden Alley, the chocolate mint from Red Ridge Farm, Jim and Ami Zumalt and the apples from Wolf Creek Family Farm, Karin and Arcenio!