Recommended Restaurants Using Local, Organic, & Free-Range Ingredients

So maybe you know your farmer…but what do you do when you are not in the mood to cook?  Getting some amazing local and organically grown food is as easy as sitting down at one of the fantastic local restaurants in our area.
These restaurants use many ingredients from our member farmers on a regular basis. The quantity of local ingredients varies from restaurant to restaurant and fluctuates on a seasonal basis. Buying from local farms is more work for the Chef, so let them know that you appreciate their extra effort!

Affäre (Crossroads)

Aixois (Brookside)

Blvd Tavern (Southwest Blvd

blue bird bistro (Westside)

Cafe Blackadder (Warrensburg)

Café Gratitude (Crossroads)

canihaveabite (Crossroads)

Charisse (Downtown)

Classic Cup Cafe (Plaza)

Donut Lounge (Westport)

Eden Alley (Plaza)

Grunauer (Crossroads)

Happy Gillis (Columbus Park)

Heirloom Bakery (Brookside)

Homesteader Cafe (City Market)

Howards Grocery, Cafe, and Catering (Crossroads)

Julep (Westport)

Justus Drugstore (Smithville)

Newport Grill (Overland Park)

Novel (West Side)

Pigwich (East Bottoms)

Renee Kelly’s Harvest (Shawnee)

Room 39 (Westport and Mission Farms)  

Story (Prairie Village)

The Farmhouse (City Market)

The Rieger (Crossroads)

The Westside Local (West Side)

Webster House (Next to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts)

There are many other restaurants in the KC metro area that source from local growers who may or may not be growing organically. Are we missing somebody? Email .

Courtesy Renee Kelly's Harvest

Courtesy The Farmhouse

Courtesy Blvd Tavern