Windhaven Farms - Holt, MO

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Windhaven Farms Poultry & Eggs

Windhaven Farms - Holt, MO


Garrison Family
18605 Lancaster Rd
Holt, MO 64048
Cell: 816-739-6539

Welcome to Windhaven Farms, a Garrison family operation.  Our CHICKENs are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones on grass in movable pens pioneered by Joel Salatin. These are moved morning and night. Windhaven chickens always have grass, fresh air and sunshine. We also offer free range EGGS and pastured PORK. Our hens are housed at night and let out in the morning to run, pick, scratch and enjoy free ranging.  Turkeys available in the Fall. Become a fan of Windhaven Farms on Facebook:

We invite you to check out our farm-fresh poultry and eggs prepared by some of the best chefs in Kansas City at these restaurants: Bella Napoli, blue bird bistro, The Farmhouse, The Westside Local, and Renee Kelly’s Harvest.


WindhavenFarms - Kearney, Missouri

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