Urban Harvest KC- Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Food Circle Member Grower


Eric Person – Owner/Operator
Jason Irish – Owner/Operator
2100 Summit St.
Kansas City, Mo 64108
fishveggies (@) gmail.com

Urban Harvest KC is an indoor AQUAPONIC farm on the Westside of downtown Kansas City, Mo.  UHKC farm sits on the corner of 21st (aka West Pennway, one block west of I-35).

UHKC is located inside a former grocery store.  We have reclaimed the space, zoned as retail and agricultural, in hopes of becoming a food shed.

We grow MICRO-GREENS and VEGETABLES, using a combination of HYDROPONICS and aquaculture.  We do not use chemicals in our system and we use little to no soil.  In the summer we will hold WORKSHOPS on building various small systems, indoor composting with red wrigglers, and general maintenance of home or office systems.

UHKC offers custom design, build, and consultation of small and large outdoor/indoor Aquaponic systems.  We also offer maintenance plans.   We are still growing and adding tables to our farm, so we have teamed up with several different local certified organic farmers to offer CSA pick up at our store.  Our CSA is available all year around.  We also offer market place areas for growers and farmers to sell their goods at our First Friday events and Saturday morning market.

By the end of 2013 we will offer: Fresh TILAPIA, decorative koi for pets or gardens, fresh oyster and maitake mushrooms, home grow mushroom kits, fermented foods, cultured goods, pro-biotics, locally grown organic and gluten free bread, locally grown meats, free range chicken/eggs and local hand made goods.  We offer single person as well as group tours.

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