Singing Prairie Farm - La Plata, MO

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John, Holly, Noah and Zea Arbuckle
30552 Lantern Street
La Plata, Mo 63549

Our small diverse family farm is located in northern Missouri.  We produce grass finished BEEF, pasture raised PORK and pasture raised Thanksgiving TURKEYS (both heritage and modern).  The grain our pigs and turkeys consume is exclusively certified organic or certified Non-GMO, (depending on availability).  Our cows never taste grain. The animals we offer receive no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Our motivating excitement in farming is to mimic the subtleties of nature to the greatest extent we are able, and in doing so reconnect with our heritage as a healthy, bio-regional, ecologically sensitive culture.  We practice management intensive grazing (MiG) with our livestock.  This style of management focuses on short periods of intense grazing followed by long rest periods for the land.  This mimics the land use patterns, in an ecological sense, of the American bison herds.  Pigs follow the cows, and turkeys come last.  The turkeys and cows fill a niche on our farm similar to the “large herbivore / bird” relationship present anywhere you find grazing animals in nature, from the American west to the African Serengeti.

Our pork and beef is available in Autumn as 1/4, 1/2 or whole animals, cut and wrapped at a USDA facility with dialogue as to your preferences.  Turkeys are available in November as whole birds. We will deliver to a central location in Kansas City.  We also make our own BEES WAX CANDLES  which are available year round.  Our preferred method of communication is telephone. Order forms and pricing will be sent out in early February to people who have contacted us.  For our planning purposes we need to have most of our orders in by April 20th.    We invite everyone with time and interest to call and arrange a visit to our farm for a tour.  You can also   watch a short video about the farm if you google “we the trees, Singing Prairie Farm”.

Yours truly in Fun, Farming and Family!

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