New Earth Gardens – Bates City, MO

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New Earth Gardens

John & Karen Lopez
2735 Smokey Ridge Rd
Bates City, MO 64011

Come learn along with us, to live more naturally with our environment while eating incredible fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables.   Open in the spring of 2010, we will provide organically grown fruits and vegetables.  We have a traditional farm store option available, but we encourage family and individuals to experience the joy of picking their own.

Experience with your family how food can be grown.   See nature as it creates everything.    Its a never-ending learning experience.

New Earth Gardens is dedicated to connecting families to the natural origin of their foods, in a spirit of gratitude and abundance. We encourage families to come and select their own produce, each week of the season, picking from over 50 vegetables, berries and herbs through our U-Pick option.

Memberships are offered for those wishing to commit to the enjoyment of fresh, organically-grown produce, all summer long.

Visit our web site or call for details.

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