Kickin Bull Ranch – Hoyt, KS

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Kickin Bull Ranch

Ron & Diane Ruppert
14681 126th Road
Hoyt , KS 66440
Cell: 785-248-3218
Home/Fax: 785-986-6260

We have the best-tasting BEEF. We create a low-stress environment for a more relaxed animal, which results in tender meat. Their diet consists of grass & hay – during finishing, our all-natural, no-GMO, high-protein feed.

Pastures & hay meadows are kept free of weeds without the use of chemicals, nourished with Certified Organic Fertilizer.

Kickin’ Bull Ranch beef is aged for enhanced tenderness & flavor. If you purchase in bulk, half, or whole, please order 4-6 weeks in advance. Delivery available.

We supply Free Range Beef to the American Restaurant-KCMO; & the Topeka Natural Food COOP. See us at the Merriam Farmers Market – Merriam, KS.

Kickin Bull Ranch is a
Grass Fed
Beef Supplier to:

Kickin Bull Ranch
has Gone GREEN

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