Imperial Chicken - Trenton, MO

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Imperial Chicken


Alexander Royer
768 NE 48th Ave.
Trenton, MO 64683
Contact Fruitful Hills CSA Coordinator:
Christine Stephan (A CORE group volunteer)



We specialize in scrumptious, healthy, PASTURE RAISED FRYERS and ROASTERS.

Contact us by old-fashioned snail-mail to order your “imperial quality” birds for farm pick-up, or contact Fruitful Hills CSA coordinator Christine Stephan (above) to purchase a poultry share for delivery to a KC metro area location near you.

With daily moves in a floor-less, open-air pen/shelter, our chickens reign supreme in their royal empire of sunny, green pasture; chasing bugs, scratching and chewing up clover, weeds, grass, and seeds, and munching on feed formulated for optimum health and happiness.  Instead of unnatural growth hormones, arsenic, vaccinations, and antibiotics, they get natural vitamins, minerals, greens, and probiotics.

We’re still learning and experimenting with different breeds, feeds, and systems to maximize fraying and natural health, get away from GMO’s, etc., while maintaining economic viability.

We also hope to have EGGS, Thanksgiving TURKEYS, and possibly DUCKS and GEESE by fall.

Exception to Producer Pledges

The only “outside” products I would be involved in are vegetables from my brother’s farm (Joseph Royer)  , whom I work with. We want to have fresh produce available for customers who come to the farm for chicken.

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