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Hidden Hills Farms CSA - Smithville, Missouri - Community Supported Agriculture ~ We are transitioning from 100% grass fed dairy products into a local, year-round, whole foods resource. Our membership program will operate as a free-choice CSA.

Hidden Hills Farms

Jennifer Charlson & Damon Hill
PO Box 1154
Smithville, MO 64089
jennifer {a} hiddenhillsfarms. com

Hidden Hills Farms is a membership driven, four-season farm that specializes in traditional, nourishing, farmstead foods in a CSA format. Our farm produces 100% GRASS FED BEEF and LAMB, PASTURE RAISED, HERITAGE, PORK, CHICKEN, TURKEY, and EGGS with NO CORN or SOY ever fed. Our program also offers organically produced, HEIRLOOM PRODUCE and 100% GRASS FED DAIRY products.

Our family farm focuses on soil health (we only use our own compost and we do not use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers), good plant and animal genetics (we use heirloom seeds and heritage or older genetics for our livestock), and a low stress environment (our Jersey cows get to raise their own calves instead of us bottle feeding them) to raise your food. Please visit our website for more of our farming standards, philosophies, and membership details.


(re-posted from the Hidden Hills CSA Membership page – March 2010)

Hidden Hills Farms is a private membership community that is structured as a 52 week, free choice CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. With five meat varieties, seasonal fruits, dairy products, pastured eggs, and four seasons of produce, Hidden Hills Farms offers a variety of nutritious, whole foods all from one farm. Members pay in advance for the food they will receive throughout the 12 month period. This advance payment allows the farm to purchase all the materials needed to produce the food, and allows the members to become partners in the farming process. In other words, instead of raising food and trying to sell it…we sell it first and then raise it.

Who is your membership for?
Membership is open to people within 70 miles of the farm. We designed our membership program for an ‘average’ omnivore family with small children. We cannot divide the program if you do not eat meat or dairy products. If you need more information about meat or dairy please go to the food section on our website …

(go to http://www.hiddenhillsfarms.com/Membership.html for full details)


Hidden Hills Farms’ Food

(March 2010)

Hidden Hills Farms is currently taking steps to transition from its origin as a small backyard farm, with a focus on 100% grass fed dairy products, into being a local, year round, whole foods resource. In July, we will begin our farm membership program, which will operate as a free choice CSA. For more information on this please see our Membership page.
Grass Fed Beef
Like our dairy cows the beef steers spend their days and nights on pasture enjoying green grass, fresh air, sunshine and space to run. They are primarily Angus, although by 2011 we will have exclusively Normande beef. Normande meat is known in France for unsurpassed marbling quality, flavor and texture. For more information about why grass fed is best please click here.
Grass Fed Lamb
Katahdin sheep are joining our farm this year. Katahdin are docile sheep that make excellent mothers. These sheep are hardy, low maintenance, and naturally resistant to pests; perfect for our rotational grazing system. We will have delectable, mild, 100% grass fed lamb in the fall.
Pastured Pork
We began raising pastured, milk-fed, Berkshire pigs in 2008. Berkshire pork is known as the “Kobe Beef” of the pork world, well marbled with the perfect combination of juiciness, flavor and tenderness. We do not ring our pig’s noses and they are rotated through pasture, rooting and wallowing like pigs should. Our pigs do not receive any kind of commercial feed mix (organic or not) or any SOY, CORN and WHEAT.
Pastured Poultry and Eggs
Our pastured poultry program is truly a unique system here in the Midwest. Not only do our birds receive sunshine, fresh green grass and an ample bug supply but they do not receive any commercial feed mix (organic or not) and they do not receive any SOY, CORN or WHEAT. This provides meat and eggs that have the finest protein and a superior fatty acid profile. We use heritage breeds for egg laying chickens, turkeys and ducks. We are currently working on breeding a meat chicken from a cross of a few heritage breeds.

Produce and Gardens
Hidden Hills Farms is transitioning 10 acres of the farm into a beautiful, diverse heirloom garden that will house the market garden with 4 high tunnels to extend the growing seasons. This will area will also include our community garden plots, the cut flower garden and the U Pick Park.

Raw Honey
Bees play a critical role in the success of our food supply and there are many health benefits from consuming raw honey. We will be keeping bees to assist us with our gardens and we will have raw honey available.

This year we will begin cultivating mushrooms in natural logs. It will be 2 years before we have enough to offer our members but in the meantime we will have a limited number of morel mushroom hunts each spring.


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