Hart Family Farm - Lathrop, MO

Former Member Grower 

The Hart Family Farm


John & Karen Hart
6020 SW Ore Rd
Lathrop, Mo  64465
816-586-2098 office
856-495-7806, cell
thehartfamilyfarm (a) gmail. com

or  john (a) thehartfamilyfarm. com

“Eat Healthy with Great Taste”

At The Hart Family Farm we grow all our VEGETABLES in an environment that uses only safe, natural and organic methods.  We grow HEIRLOOM VARIETIES in a natural organic garden using our own compost, natural top soil, and fertilized only with “compost tea” and manure from field-grazed cattle.

We sell our produce daily at the farm and Saturdays during the summer months at the Liberty Farmers Market in Liberty, MO.

We also have a Produce Market at exit 40 on I-35, the Lathrop Exit, we are on the west side of the intersection. We are open Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday’s – 11 AM to 6 PM – June to Oct.

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