Green Hills Harvest – Purdin, MO

Former Member Grower

Green Hills Harvest

Barb & Kerry Buchmayer
14649 Highway M
Purdin, MO 64674
GHHarvest (@)

Try the great tasting CERTIFIED ORGANIC DAIRY PRODUCTS from our local family farm, now available in returnable glass! Our herd is free range and PASTURE-BASED. Our dairy products are available at: Marsh’s Sun Fresh, Whole Foods,  and the Community Mercantile in Lawrence, KS. Welcome back . . . to the past!

Located in the Green Hills region of Missouri, our family farm is dedicated to producing certified organic milk from lush pasture. This wholesome environment fosters contented cows that produce good old-fashioned milk. We have just recently switched over to glass bottles.

On our 550 acre farm, we milk Jersey-cross cows because of their superior grazing ability and reputation for high quality, excellent tasting milk.

To read our article from New Holland News or find the nutritional facts for our milk please use the following links.

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