Burnett’s Heritage Farms – Cameron, MO

Former Member Grower

Burnett’s Heritage Farms

The Burnett Family
3100 NW Winchester Rd.
Cameron, MO 64429

Heritage Farms on Local Harvest:


We are a fourth-generation family farm focused on organic practices and sustainable agricultural methods. We are a seasonal operation and offer our products April-November.

Pastured on organically-produced 100% grass, our Jersey & Jersey-cross DAIRY COWS are rotationally grazed and given fresh grass, daily – NO GRAIN.

ORGANICALLY-PRODUCED PORK – our hogs are raised outdoors on organically produced grain rations – harvested at 250 lbs, live weight.

We have ORGANICALLY-PRODUCED BROWN EGGS -The ladies are allowed to free-range as they are rotated through the pastures with the dairy herd.

ORGANICALLYPRODUCED FRYING CHICKENS & TURKEYS. Roaming free, these birds are raised on fresh grass and sunshine! All the poultry diets are supplemented with organically produced feed.

All products may be picked up at the farm by appointment.


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