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Bryant Family Farm

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Leavenworth, Kansas
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Operating since 2000, Bryant Family Farm is a family-owned and operated farm in Leavenworth County, Kansas. We strive to provide Christ-centered service in all areas of our lives and business. We produce a healthier alternative to commercially-produced MEAT, EGGS and other products and we desire to educate others in healthier eating, all for the glory of God. We produce 100% GRASS-FED BEEF, all-natural BROILERS and TURKEYS, pastured PORK, and maintain DAIRY GOATS and a Jersey cow. We also have wheat and various grains available.

We look forward to serving you!


  • BEEF: Our steers are raised on chemical-free grass and hay — just what cows thrive on, making their meat more nutritious and high in CLA than conventional beef. Our natural beef is perfect—a worry-free addition to your family’s favorite meals. The health benefits of grass-fed beef are significant.
  • PORK: Our natural pork is pasture-raised and fed a special blend feed supplied by a local organic farmer. Nathan takes extra care of his hogs to ensure nutritious, tender meat for your family.
  • FRESH EGGS: Delicious eggs are a result of our content chickens. Our hens forage on pasture each day, thus living a happy and natural chicken life. Samuel is our caretaker for these chickens and also sells young hens ready to lay for your backyard production.
  • TURKEY: Jonathan’s friendly turkeys love to see him arrive with the feed bucket. These turkeys enjoy fresh pasture every day in addition to their specialty feed which includes organic vitamins and minerals. The tender and moist meat of these birds is a delightful addition to your holiday tradition, leaving no worries about harmful hormones or chemicals.
  • BROILERS: Enjoying a diet without any medicines, hormones, or other harmful chemicals, our plump, tender broilers are a nutritional feast. Their grain is specially-formulated to produce the best meat possible—only the best for your family’s table!
  • DAIRY GOATS: Our goats have a pasture-based diet and are given a specially-formulated feed.
  • JERSEY COW: Our Jersey dairy cow lives on pasture and is given a special blend of grains and vitamins.
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