Beau Solais Mushroom Farm - Hughesville, MO

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Beau Solais Mushroom Farm
(Beau Solais Farm, LLC)


Rick and Anita Hanks
Hughesville, Missouri
Phone: 816-405-5607
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Beau Solais Farm prides itself on providing the freshest OYSTER MUSHROOMS possible to some of Kansas City’s finest restaurants. We started delivering our mushrooms in August of 2005.

We have three varieties of oyster mushrooms: Yellow, Brown and Grey. We also grow MICROGREENS and over 20 varieties of HEIRLOOM TOMATOES in the summer. You can find our mushrooms at these fine restaurants: Blue Bird Bistro, Bluestem, The Bristol, Broadmoor Bistro, Chaz, Classic Cup, Eden Alley, Grand Street, Gram & Dun, JJ’s, Lidia’s, Milano’s, Pierponts, Room 39, Room 39 at Mission Farms, The American, The Rieger, Thomas, Trio, Webster House, and Westside Local.

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