A Few Good Plants – El Dorado Springs, MO

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A few good plants - El Dorado Springs, MO

A Few Good Plants

Stuart Pollack
7595 S.W. Highway DD
El Dorado Springs, Missouri 64744
Ph. 417-876-7139
Seeds (a) AFewGoodPlants. com
We raise vegetables for seed at our farm in southwest Missouri. We test vegetable varieties for their suitability to our climate and save seeds from those that perform well.
Vegetables we grow for seed include tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, peanuts, cucumbers, beets, squash, and okra.

For chicken owners, we also grow rutabaga, sorghum, and field corn for seed so you can raise some of your own chicken feed.

See our web pages www.AFewGoodPlants.com/chickenseeds.htm for details.

A few good plants - El Dorado Springs, MO

Products/Crops: [?]

Click on the icon for recipes!   (“WSSF” Stands for Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall.)

Vegetables: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall
dry beans
green beans
hot peppers
mustard greens
sweet peppers
sweet potatoes
swiss chard
Specialty Items: Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall
plants (bedding, etc)

Ark of Taste Products: [?]

Meat & Poultry
Pulses (beans, peas & lentils)

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