Raytown Community Garden – Raytown, MO

Kansas City Food Circle – Member Grower

Raytown Community Garden
at the
Rice Tremonti Homestead

Megan Grimwood
8801 E 66th Street
Raytown, MO 64133

raytowncommunitygarden (a) gmail.com



We have a small raised-bed garden at the Rice-Tremonti Homstead.  We grow a variety of VEGETABLES, HERBS, and WILDFLOWERS.  All produce is grown naturally and sustainably without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

All of our seeds are heirloom varieties, including Forellenschluss Speckled Lettuce and Red Fig Tomato (both considered endangered varieties), Atomic Red Carrot, Black Beauty Eggplant, Chinese Five Color Pepper, Burgundy Okra, and an array of herbs and wildflowers.

RCG sells produce at the Lee’s Summit Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings.

Raytown Community Garden - Raytown, Missouri - Corn, Squash and Peace.

Raytown Community Garden is a hub for people everywhere looking to learn more about living off the earth.  Our raised cedar bed garden is a model from which community members can learn. Our weekly farmstand shows off our array of heirloom vegetables and gives people the opportunity to experience the exceptional flavors of fresh, responsibly grown produce. We also provide homesteading and seasonal prep classes as well as resources for people to start their own gardens.

All of our gardening methods are pesticide free, herbicide free, and sustainably grown. Raytown Community Garden uses no-till methods with raised beds and mulching.  Our love of gardening has lead us to the study of permaculture, the science of growing in accordance with nature.  As we learn more about this fascinating subject, we are incorporating more of those ideas into the garden.

We are organic gardening enthusiasts with a passion for educating.  We believe in sustainable living with the utmost emphasis on whole food nutrition.

For more information about home garden consultations, email us at raytowncommunitygarden@gmail.com

“The best food available is free and shunned by the masses. If this isn’t the twilight zone, I don’t know what is.”
– Anthony Anderson