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Kansas City Food Circle  has created a “health and wellness professional” contributorship to help those professionals share with their clients the benefits of eating locally,  organically,  and free-range.  For these purposes,  we define health and wellness professionals as nutritionists,  naturopaths,  chiropractors,  dietitians,  and those in related fields. The practitioners listed here have confirmed that they intend to actively promote to their clients the benefits of a local, organic,  and free-range diet.  Please mention that you found them through the Kansas City Food Circle.

If you are interested in joining as a Health and Wellness Contributor, email

Carolyn (Cary) Skelton
Dietitian and Health Fitness Specialist for the Kansas City, MO area
Contact her at or call 816-914-6288

Carolyn provides nutrition and exercise therapy for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, weight loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and maternal nutrition.

Nurturing an active, healthy lifestyle is second nature to Carolyn Skelton. Her interest in preparing fresh and homegrown foods was passed down as lessons from her mother who grew up on a farm. From these family roots, sprang a passion for disease prevention that motivated her to earn two bachelor degrees and a master’s degree related to nutrition and exercise. Earning certifications as a Registered Dietitian and Health Fitness Specialist further enhanced Carolyn’s holistic expertise. Utilizing the organic lessons from her youth, along with her professional experience, Carolyn Skelton, enjoys leading others down the path to better health by teaching the importance of eating local produce for their health, the environment and support of local farmers.


Dr. David Beaulieu, M.S., D.C.
Allergy Specialist and Clinical Nutritionist
Web Site:
Phone: 913-789-8386

Dr. David provides NAET Allergy Treatment – allergy assessment and treatment that is painless, non-invasive, drugless and free of long-term side effects; and Nutritional Assessment using Neuro Muscular Reflex Testing (NMRT) to help overcome the five major barriers to healing. He is a Chiropractor with a Masters degree in nutrition, more than 40 years experience in clinical nutrition and certification in NAET. Dr. David has been longtime advocate of addressing the underlying causes of disease by modifying lifestyles for the long haul, and has made this important part of his alternative/complimentary approach.



If you are a health and wellness professional and want more information,  please download our Health & Wellness Membership Sheet to discover the benefits to your practice.


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