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Why Local Food Producers Should Join the Kansas City Food Circle

Membership entitles you to a listing of your choice in our Directory of Local Organic and Free-Range Food Producers,which also includes listings of Organic Farmers Markets and other info. Each year we distribute more than 2500 of our printed directories. The vast majority of our Directories are given free to first-time attendees at our Annual Exhibition of Farmers, KCFC’s EAT LOCAL & Organic! Expos. Our Directory is also available for viewing and direct download from this website.

In addition, our web site allows you to provide much more info about your operation, including photos, and to post updates throughout the year. Your detailed crop and product listings will help eaters and buyers find you, the producer, much more efficiently.

In joining the Food Circle you will be supporting our common goals:

  • educate the public about the damages caused by our industrialized food system;
  • dramatically increase the demand for locally grown, organic and humanely-produced food, i.e., promote your products;
  • help family farmers practice sustainable agriculture and stay on the land.

In addition to distributing the Directory, we table at events and speak to church and community groups. We send out a newsletter three times per year. The building of personal connections is a big part of what the Food Circle is all about. We encourage networking among producers and also with eaters on the best way to attract and please new customers.

Each year in early spring the Food Circle organizes an Annual Exhibition of Farmers, our EAT LOCAL & ORGANIC! Expos. This year, we will again be holding two events –one in Overland Park (KS) (on the southwest side of Kansas City), and one near downtown Kansas City (MO). We regularly attract more than 1000 attendees at each Expo, and most are first-time attendees.

These events are designed to introduce the public to the joys of healthy, locally-produced food. Hosting these early-season face-to-face opportunities, we strive to press home the importance of having locavores meet the farmers who produce their food all year long. As a grower member you will automatically receive Expo registration materials in early February. A modest table fee is required in addition to your membership dues.

The Food Circle’s work is more important than ever. Big corporations are moving into the market for organic food, but the Food Circle’s mission has always been to promote the consumption of locally grown organic and free-range foods produced by small family farms. People like you that we know and trust. You produce the freshest, best tasting food with the least inputs of fossil fuels. We want to keep you in business. 

Requirements for Membership
Our requirements are that you are a local family farmer within roughly 120 miles of Kansas City (contact us if you are further away). You produce and/or process fruits, vegetables, and flowers using organic methods, and/or you produce free range meats. Free range meats are produced without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics or growth hormones or the use of domestic animal byproducts in feed. “Free range” means that animals have regular access to the out-of-doors. Organic certification is not required –please read our PLEDGES.

How to Join
If you meet our requirements as a producer please send in your check for $40* with the membership form and pledges, and include a brief description of your operation (your Directory listing). If you miss our print deadline in March, you can still join for a web-listing only reduced fee of $30 for the remainder of the year only.

Printed directory listing parameters 

To see example listings, please download our most recent Directory (.PDF)If you are concerned about farm security, you need not include your street address, but be sure to include your phone, fax, email and website address if you have one.

Most important describe the ways a eater can get your food, i.e., farmers market, retail store, CSA’s (weekly subscription drop off) etc. Many eaters are too busy to travel to your farm on a regular basis, especially if it is a long distance.

If you are a meat producer we encourage you to include details about how your animals are raised and fed, since the eaters we attract are usually very concerned about quality and how farm animals are treated.

Your Know Your Grower listing. Our web site includes expanded individual food producers’ listings as an extension of the Directory. You have much more space to include photos and details about your operation. In general,the more an eater gets to know you, the more products you will sell. Please include a photo or two of your family, your farm and fields, livestock –anything that might encourage eaters to get to know you even better. Advertise your farm visits (if you want that). If you have a website,  be sure to provide the link.

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Our KC Food Circle sign-up forms are included, below. You may download all our Sign-Up documents in the .ZIP file or download individual files –please mail all of them in with your membership fee.)

Our absolute printing deadline for our annual Directory is in mid-March. If you have immediate questions about our forms, Pledges or policies, please call Dave at 913-620-8427.

Your online info is kept up-to-date on a regular basis. You may send your Directory and other web content updates by e-mail at any time during the year.