Our Membership


Our purpose is to promote local, sustainable agriculture. Farming is hard work, and most farmers are too busy farming to spend large amounts of time on marketing. The Kansas City Food Circle forms a connection between farmers and eaters. We distribute three newsletters and year, a free Producers Directory,  and other information to educate eaters on many of the issues related to farming, food safety, and good eating. We hold general membership meetings once a year so eaters can meet farmers face-to-face. Those meetings provide an educational forum for food issues.

When you become a paying member of the Kansas City Food Circle, you will receive the Eat Local and Organic! Dining Card entitling you to a one-time 10% discount on your food bill at some of the best local restaurants in town.  These restaurants have an established and public commitment to procuring ingredients from local, organic, and free-range producers.

We publish a yearly directory of our member farmers and detail what food they produce, and where you can buy it. So whether you are looking for farm-fresh veggies with no pesticides or need a local, organic, and free-range source of meat, eggs, and dairy products,  you have a resource.

We hold an annual Farmers Expo where you can sign up for a CSA (direct subscription to a farm), buy seedlings, free range meats, canned goods, and flour or find a a source for bulk food purchases. When you attend an Expo, you can buy goods directly from attending farmers. That’s a lot.

Connect with Us

Our web pages, blog entries and online social networking mechanisms are designed to help eaters connect directly with KCFC member farmers and food producers.  Sign-up for the list(s) or online mechanisms of your choice, then send in your questions, comments and updates – direct e-mail may be sent to KCFoodCircle @ GMail.com

Please visit our Blog  and our eList (a protected e-mail list – less interactive).

You can also: find us on Twitter, or join our Facebook Group.