Synergistic Acres- Parker, KS

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Synergistic Acres


Jeff and Laura Hamons
21733 Iliff Rd.
Parker, KS 66072
jeff @

Synergistic Acres is a diverse farm located just south of Kansas CIty providing CHICKEN, PORK, TURKEY, EGGS and BEEF to Kansas City eaters. Synergistic Acres raises animals peacefully in natural environments, where they enjoy natural forages while restoring health to the land and sustaining our family and yours with delicious nourishment.

We raise the animals that work together in a system of continual improvement for the animals and the land. We focus primarily on HERITAGE BREED animals because their old-world genetics allow them to thrive in natural environments and have been raised for centuries for outstanding nutritional and taste characteristics, before corporate influences changed breeding to be about profit.

Our natural methods of growing are based on allowing each animal to use it instincts to live in harmony with our land. Each animal has a role in this complex dance that nature has taught us to follow.

Grass is our most important and valuable crop that we grow on our farm. It is the sustenance for all our animals and we closely manage the farm in order to grow the best grass possible without any artificial inputs. Instead, we rely on the animals to be the caretakers – they do all the trimming, fertilizing and weed control.


Our cattle are responsible for harvesting the grass continuously throughout the season. They are rotated to fresh pasture daily to ensure they always have fresh food in front of them and that they are moving away from parasites. We have chosen very special cattle for this – Galloway. These are a heritage breed that holds on to their old world genetics making them exceptionally good grass foragers and ensuring they are hardy enough to handle all of the extreme weather Kansas throws at them.


We raise chickens and turkeys out on pasture. They follow the cows, eating the insects and other creatures that are incited by the disturbance caused by the grazing. They also benefit from the grass recently trimmed by the cows to balance out their diet.

We raise three different breeds of chickens for meat Cornish x, Poulet Rouge, and heritage breeds of Buckeyes and Barred Rocks. We raise three different types to meet the needs of all our customers and utilize our land most effectively.

Our Turkeys are a heritage breed, Standard Bronze. They were chosen not only for their hardiness, but also for the great tasting meat. We hatch poults on the farm and they spend the next 6+ months foraging in our pastures.


We raise a very special breed of pigs called Large Black. They are a heritage breed that has kept their genetics intact allowing them to thrive in our wooded areas on the farm. They spend their entire lives from birth to market outside foraging for nuts, grasses and insects in regularly rotated paddocks. Rotating the paddocks is key to producing great pork. Doing so allows them to always have fresh food in front of them, allows them to naturally move away from parasites and allows the land to heal. The pork is processed at a USDA butcher specializing in heritage pigs and is sold either in bulk by the half or by individual cuts.

Our goal at Synergistic Acres is to connect the local Kansas City community with the food they eat. We believe that when people see alternatives to modern-day livestock farming, they will choose the more humane and sustainable methods of raising livestock. We welcome you to come out to the farm and see how the animals are raised. It’s your choice, it’s your food.

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