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Stony Crest Urban Farm

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Rodger Kube and Diane Hershberger
8740 Brooklyn
Kansas City, MO 64132
Phone: 816-304-2517
stonycrest (a) sbcglobal. net

We grow a full range of USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC VEGETABLES with an emphasis on unusual, colorful, and artisan cultivars for adventurous cooks and eaters. We cultivate vegetables through all four seasons. By improving biodiversity, conserving natural resources, and building healthy soils, we are building a heritage of unique tastes from urban Kansas City. USDA Certification assures that our farming practices are held to the highest organic standards. Because the health of our customers and the environment is so important to us, the rigor and extra effort required for USDA certification are not optional.

Our farm practices and extremely local delivery to customers make us proud of our small carbon footprint. April through November, we participate in the Brookside Farmers’ Market and the Waldo Farmer’s Market which are within 5 miles of our farm. October through April, customers can choose their favorite vegetables through our Cool Seasons TM CSA, an on-line farm store.  We are available to provide a farmer’s market experience for neighborhood or business special events.


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