Rocky Creek Valley Farm CSA - Rayville, MO

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Rocky Creek Valley Farm CSA

Elizabeth and Gary Wenig
37009 W. 156th Street
Rayville, MO 64084
email: lizzy (a)

In 2009 we purchased an abandoned neglected 40 acres of farm ground, timber and hay fields. Then we began, one shovelfull of dirt after the other, to carve out a dream. Rocky Creek Valley Farm is committed to sustainable agriculture, environmental preservation, and consumer education. We are an agricultural and educational center that promotes environmentally friendly systems with sustainable farming. We employ various methods of gardening and animal husbandry that enrich the overall experience of farm-life. We strive to preserve and re-establish the rich vitality and viability of living soil to produce nutrient dense VEGETABLES, BERRIES, culinary and medicinal HERBS. Rocky Creek increases production of the land with innovative crop rotation, green manure and winter harvests.

We are dedicated to preserving HERITAGE and HEIRLOOM plants, increasing awareness of endangered indigenous plant species; exploring traditional techniques that have been obscured and vilified by modern technology by employing deep-composting, vermiculture (the raising and production of earthworms to use their castings for compost) and natural weed and pest control. Rocky Creek uses no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and employs the natural rearing of animals. We offer CSA’s, herb classes, tours and children’s classes.  May thru October we are at BADSEED farmers market, 1909 McGee KC Fridays 4 to 9 pm.

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