Pure Prairie Organic Farm - Clayton, KS

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Pure Prairie Organic Farm

Pure Prairie Organic Farm / Pure Prairie Natural Foods - Norton, Kansas

Jim Rowh
1170 Norton Rd.
Clayton, KS 67629
Phone: 785-871-1946
pureprairie (a) hotmail . com

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Pure Prairie Organic Farm is a 40-acre farm located near Clayton, Kansas, in northwest Kansas.  The farm has been an organic farm since 1984 and has been continuously certified by OCIA International since 1992.  We raise a variety of crops including CERTIFIED ORGANIC WHEAT BERRIES (hard white winter wheat) and WHEAT FLOUR (stone-ground w/granite stones) in bags or 5-gallon buckets, Austrian PEAS, MELONS, butternut, acorn and spaghetti SQUASH, TOMATOES, and PUMPKINS.   The farm is owned and operated by Jim Rowh of Norton, Kansas.

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