Paradise Locker Meats - Trimble, MO

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Paradise Locker Meats - Trimble, Missouri

Teresa and Mario Fantasma
405 W. Birch St.
Trimble, MO 64492
Store: 816-370-6328
Fx: 816-357-1229
Info (a) or

Paradise Locker Meats is a USDA slaughter and processing facility. All slaughter is done under humane and animal welfare guidelines.

We process local and naturally raised animals under USDA for resale as well as custom work for family farms. We also have a retail storefront in which we carry items including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood, dairy, exotic/game, and in-house smoked and cured products using as much locally raised animals as possible.

Exceptions to Producer Pledges

Paradise Locker Meats is retail store, not a farm, and is not required to sign any pledges.  However, they have been invited to join as members because of their commitment to local and free-range meat producers.



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