Our Maker's Acres - Purdin, MO

Kansas City Food Circle Member Grower

Our Maker’s Acres

Greg and Francine Molner
19745 Forum Rd.
Purdin, MO 6467
Phone: 660-244-3636

For 33 years in Wisconsin and North Carolina, and now Missouri, we have enjoyed farming and raising 10 children and PRODUCE in harmony with God’s creation. We have Jerseys and goats for FRESH MILK, Angus for BEEF, 100+ hens for EGGS, and hundreds of chickens for FRYERS all on pasture, with only organic practices, using IMPRO c0lostrum-whey products as immune enhancements. We make natural DEODORANTS and INSECT REPELLENTS. We are also a source for FERTRELL and other organic/natural fertilizers and minerals. Our produce and products are available on farm, and through a Buying Club in the Kearney, North and South Kansas City, and Independence areas. Call us for details!

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