Moon on the Meadow - Lawrence, KS

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Moon on the Meadow

Moon on the Meadow - Tunnel Sprouts -  Lawrence, KS

Jill Elmers

1515 E 11th Street

Lawrence, Kansas 66046

Farm: 785-749-1197

Wk: 913-529-9425

JElmers (@ )

Moon on the Meadow farm is a certified organic farm located on the east side of Lawrence, just inside the city limits. We grow a wide variety of VEGETABLES, HERBS, small FRUITS, and fresh ground FLOUR made from our HEIRLOOM WHEAT. All products are available at the Lawrence Farmers Market and through our CSA program which has pick ups in Lawrence, Kansas City (75th and State Line), and Topeka.

Jill has been farming for over ten years, and started her growing CSA in 2006. Located within the Lawrence city limits, Moon on the Meadow attained organic certification in 2008.

The farm hosts part-time, paid internships in cooperation with the Growing Growers program. Volunteers who are interested in learning more about how the farm works are always welcome; contact Jill for information. Moon on the Meadow hosts an open house at the farm every year; 2014 date TBD.


Jill Elmers, Moon on the Meadow

Common Harvest Farms CSA is made up of three local farms:Moon on the Meadow is owned and operated by Jill Elmers.  The farm, which is located just on the edge of the east city limits of Lawrence, Kansas, in the Kansas River bottoms, is certified organic and is dedicated to sustainable agriculture. In April of 2010, Moon on the Meadow joined with Buller Family Farm  to buy another farm just down the road (Common Harvest Farms). This partnership added 34 additional acres to the mix which includes perennial asparagus and rhubarb, a young orchard, and heirloom wheat for fresh ground flour.Buller Family Farm is owned and operated by Jenny and Tom Buller and their sons, Peter and Ben.  The farm uses sustainable agricultural practices and is transitioning to certified organic.

The Red Tractor Farm is located on the south east side of Clinton Lake off of Highway 458 and is a fourth generation farm operated by Jen Humphrey and Jessica Pierson. They grow a wide variety of certified organic vegetables. They also raise Boer meat goats and laying hens, which provide eggs for the CSA. The hens are fed non-GMO, certified organic grain.


Jenny, Tom, Peter and Ben Buller, Buller Family Farm

Jen Humphrey and Jess Pierson, Red Tractor Farm

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