MJ Ranch - Lawrence, KS

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MJ Ranch

Mel and Joyce Williams
3105 Wild Horse Rd.
Lawrence, KS 66044
Hm 785-865-2503
Cell: 785-766-5226
MJRanch66044 (a) gmail .com

We invite you to try 100% GRASS-FED ANGUS BEEF at its finest!  MJ Ranch is certified by the American Grassfed Association!    It is the GRASS, without any grain, that our cattle dine on that makes this the healthiest beef you can eat.  WE take pride in raising only authentic beef; never using any hormones, sub-theraputic antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides on our partures.  All cattle are born and raised on our Ranch and are rotated to different pastures simply by calling to them.  In winter our own hay is rolled out on the pastures. Our cattle always receive humane treatment (per our certification by Animal Welfare Approved.)

MJ Ranch welcomes visitors.  Contact us about delivery, sales at the Ranch, stores currently selling our beef, or about picking up 1/4’s,  1/2’s, or wholes at our USDA processor in DeSoto, KS.

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