The Local Pig - Kansas City, MO

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We make it easy to make it local.


2618 Guinotte Ave
Kansas City, MO 64120
Email: thelocalpigkc[at]gmail[dot]com
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10:30a – 7:30p

Everyone should have the availability to natural meats, which is why we also accept the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


The Local Pig is Kansas City’s only full-line butcher shop dedicated to locally sourced products and humanely raised meats. We are an old-world style artisanal meat cutting and sausage shop. The Local Pig carries a full line of meats, including beef, pork, chicken, duck, turkey, quail, rabbit, lamb and goat – we specialize in ready to cook roasts and steaks from these happy animals as well as enticing burgers and sausages with familiar and exotic seasonings.

Click to view larger!The Local Pig provides Kansas City with an exceptional selection of locally sourced and premium meats. Everything that comes from our shop is hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. We believe that happy animals make a superior meat product. We know you want to make a commitment to eating locally – and we know it’s not easy. So we’re here to help.

We carry a large line of foods which change as we get in our fresh, local products. Check out our current menu on our chalkboard. We also have a selection of local honey and nuts and our own house blends of premium spices and sea salt.

Special orders are welcome. Give us a little notice and we can get just about anything for you.



The Butcher’s Box is our signature service:

  • A subscription-style program that supplies you and your family with enough local and premium meats for a week (or two) of happy eating.
  • Each box is a 10-pound selection of roasts, chops, burgers and sausages from happy cows, pigs, chickens, lambs and goats. In addition, each box will feature a varied selection of handmade products such as pastas, stocks and spice blends and fresh herbs to complement your butcher’s cuts. We will also occasionally add some items that we are very excited about and want to share with you.
  • The box has all you need to feed a family of four (or a very hungry couple) for a week or two of delicious local eating – fresh and ready to cook, including recipes and cooking ideas for all the goodies in your box.
  • You can choose to get a box every week or every other week. Weekly boxes are $70 each and bi-weekly boxes are $75 each.We do not require any deposits or contracts, just use the checkout buttons at the bottom of this page to subscribe. After checking out we will send you an email asking which day of the week you want to pick-up your box!

We have a limited number of Butcher’s Boxes available, so make sure to sign up soon!

Subscribing to the Butcher’s Box is easy and hassle-free.


The Local Pig provides Kansas City with hands-on classes in all aspects of the craft of butchering and charcuterie.

Join us on Saturday and Sunday afternoons for hands-on classes where you can learn to break down whole animals, make sausages, pates or even cut and truss a whole boneless turkey. Classes will be held each weekend, topics will vary so be sure to check the calendar to find out what’s coming up.

Tickets can be purchased through



In addition to our fabulous butcher shop selections, Local Pig provides catering services and private chef dinners. We can customize a menu for your events from 5 to 500 featuring our amazing local products. Just call us at 816.200.1639 or drop us a note at thelocalpigkc[at]gmail[dot]com

The Local Pig is a creative and unique solution to your banquet, catering and private party needs.

Show a commitment to local food, happy animals and impress guests with Local Pig catering.

Exceptions to Producer Pledges

The Local Pig is a retail store, not a farm, and is not required to sign any pledges.  However, they have been invited to join as members because of their commitment to local and free-range meat producers.

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