Karbaumer Farm - Platte City, MO

Kansas City Food Circle Member Grower

Karbaumer Farm


Klaus and Lee Karbaumer
12200 Missouri 92 Hwy
Platte City, MO 64079
KarbaumerFarm (a) yahoo . com

“Bring your table closer to the farm!”  Our farm is powered by huge draft horses and no tractors.  We grow organically and use NO CHEMICALS, not even those organically approved.  Our diversified farm uses sustainable practices for the health of our animals, our soil and the planet we all share.  We provide ORGANICALLY-GROWN VEGETABLES, HONEY and CHICKEN AND DUCK EGGS from our truly free-ranging, pastured chickens and ducks.  Our 2014 Farm Guild plan combines a CSA model with our farm market, an approach allowing members a choice in the variety and quantity of produce they take home.  Weekly harvest announcements and a monthly “Report to Shareholders” are included.  Guild families may join us for farm events which may include an EATERS’ EGG HUNT, BONFIRES and HORSE-DRAWN WAGON AND BUGGY RIDES.  We have a huge cider press available to members for juicing their apples and grapes and designated canning and food dehydration equipment for loan to members.  We sell to restaurants, a small health foods grocery store and to individual families as well.  See our website for more information.  Come see how your food is grown and meet the farmers who grow it.

Exceptions to Producer Pledge

Depending on availability, our market may provide apples and grapes from local growers who endorse the practices set out in the Pledge.  Our consumers are always advised regarding the provenance of any produce we sell at our market.  Further,  to support the efforts of other small farms, our farm may be a delivery site for locally-produced poultry and meats, all raised free-range and free of hormones and antibiotics.