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Herb’n Gardener

Lew Edmister
921B West 17th Street
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-842-4432
email: herbngardener (@ )kc.rr.com

Lew’s urban “farm” is comprised of two separate large city lots in the Westside neighborhood of KCMO which were previously abandoned and allowed to seriously degrade.  The overall combined size of the space is just over a quarter acre, which is terribly small in “farm” terms, but Lew has developed a somewhat unique way to hyper-produce organic veggies and herbs in this small space. Through a great deal of work and patience, he has improved the soil greatly, by using only natural fertilizers, soil amendments, companion and interplanting practice and natural pest controls.

During 2010, Lew built a large, wood-fired clay bread oven for baking rustic sourdough breads to sell through his CSA and at farmers’ markets.  The bread is an integral portion of Lew’s CSA program, but may be purchased in a bread-only CSA.

All growers tend to have items they prefer to grow or grow well.  Lew has a knack for green stuff, meaning salad greens, braising greens, kales, collards, and a huge variety of herbs (both culinary and medicinal).  There are also lots of heirloom tomatoes, french filet beans, pole beans, scallions, shallots, bulb fennel, and probably some very sexy and oddly arty melons.  CSA members will also benefit from the ears of heirloom white corn, on which the cucumbers and beans climb on their way to maturity. When Lew isn’t able to be grow in enough quantity to take to market, the harvest will be held exclusively for CSA members.

No labor will be required of Lew’s CSA members this year, but volunteer help will be greatly appreciated during planting time.  If you happen to have a weird relative who doesn’t want a CSA share but likes to wallow in the dirt, have them give Lew a call!

Lew sells at BADSEED Farmers’ Market and in the courtyard at 17th and Belleview, KCMO.

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