Green Gate Family Farm, Wheatland, MO

Kansas City Food Circle Member Grower

Katie Nixon and Ken Barber
RR1 Box 1168
Wheatland, MO 65779
Ken: 304-807-0336
Katie: 816-809-5074
Email: greengatefamilyfarm (@)

Our small diversified farm is located in the southwestern part of Missouri. We started farming in 2010, and have been slowly expanding our operation. We became certified organic in May 2013, which is part of the way we look after the land we farm and live on. The farm is balanced between intensive VEGETABLE and FRUIT production, woodland, pasture for LIVESTOCK and POULTRY, and protected stream.

Our 2800 sq. ft. high-tunnel greenhouse started production in 2014.

We produce CHICKEN, DUCK, and GOOSE EGGS, and sustainably produced VEGETABLES and FRUIT.

Find us at the Brookside Farmer’s Market!

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