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Green Dirt Farm, LLC

Green Dirt Farm - Weston, Missouri - sheep lamb artisanal cheese milk

Jacqueline Smith and Sarah Hoffmann
P.O. Box 74, Weston, MO 64098
info (a) GreenDirtFarm . com

We make our own FARMSTEAD SHEEP’S MILK CHEESES  and YOGURT by hand on our farm using milk from our own GENTLY RAISED, GRASS-FED EWES.  Our ANIMAL WELFARE APPROVED farm is located in the scenic Missouri River bluffs outside Weston. The grasses and legumes in our carefully tended pastures give our artisan cheeses and yogurt a unique richness and lovely depth of flavor not found anywhere else.

Also on the menu: 100% GRASS-FED LAMB of unsurpassed quality, tenderness, and flavor.  Come visit us at The BadSeed Market on Fridays and at other area farmers’ markets from May through November. Please visit our webs site for details about our farmers’ market schedule. You may also visit us at the farm during our event season for Cheese Appreciation Events, Farm Table Dinners and Cheese Kitchen tours; see for details and ticket information.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our cheeses are made in the style of traditional French farmhouse cheeses.  Our aged cheeses are surface ripened, which means that the edible rind of the cheese imparts unique flavors as the cheese ages.  These cheeses are firm and mild when young with most of the flavors coming from the milk.  As they age, they develop rich complex flavors and become creamy around the edges. Please click on one of the links above to find where you can experience our cheeses.
Green Dirt Farm cheese is also available for sale on-line. Buy on-line.
Woolly Rind ***2010 American Cheese Society Competition Winner(7-8 ounce round or 2-4 ounce rounds called Wee Woolly)
Our version of a classic Camembert style cheese.  It has a lovely edible white bloomy rind that is sometimes mottled with flecks of tan, blue or orange as the cheese ages.  The cheese has a firm body and flavors of milk and grass when it is young.  At the peak of ripeness, the cheese becomes runny at room temperature.  It develops a lovely forest floor aroma and buttery, mushroomy flavors with a natural sweetness to the rind.
Dirt Lover ***2010, 2013 American Cheese Society Competition Winner(3-5 ounce rounds)
This cheese is styled after the classic ash-dusted French farmhouse cheeses.  It has an edible white bloomy rind that reveals the underlying layer of vegetable ash.  In the springtime the cheese is often firm and dense with a nuttiness that is balanced by the savory note imparted by the ash.  In the summer the cheese is firm when young and develops a beautiful creamy ring just under the ash layer which expands as the cheeses ages. It makes a lovely presentation on a cheese plate.
Bossa (6-8 ounce round) ***American Cheese Society 2009 Competition Winner

This cheese has an edible rind which has been washed with brine while it ages.  Washing the rind develops the beautiful orange color that gives the cheese its distinctive flavor and aroma. When fully ripe the cheese has a nutty, meaty, musky flavor.  The texture is firm when young, softening with age.

Prairie Tomme (3 pound round cut into wedges)
Prairie Tomme is a French alpine style cheese that is similar to Gruyere or Gouda. The cheese has a smooth firm texture and a buttery, nutty taste. Its flavors reflect the pastures that our ewes are eating, with floral grassy notes and an earthy aroma. It is made as a 3 pound wheel of cheese that is cut into wedges when it is ready to eat. It is aged 2 months or more.

Fresh (4 ounce tubs) ***Amercian Cheese Society 2009, 2012, 2013 American Cheese Society Competition Winner
Fresh is a spreadable cheese that highlights the wonderful clean, grassy, flavors of our milk. We make it in Plain and a variety of pure flavors including: Rosemary, Nettle, Garlic & Peppercorn and Spicy Chilis

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