David's Pasture- Concordia, MO

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David Kesten
696 NE County Road CC
Concordia, MO 64020
info (@) davidspasture.com

David’s Pasture, a small Missouri local-market farm with a big cultural impact!

Our farm is family-owned and multi-generational. In adopting the techniques of Joel Salatin and Polyface, Inc, our farm is sustainable, pasture-based, and beyond organic.  We sell EGGS, CHICKEN, TURKEYS, PORK, and BEEF. The feed we use is strictly local, non-GMO grains, with minerals and pro-biotics.  We take pride in bringing you Pure Foods from Pure Pastures.  You can find our products at Nature’s Pantry in Independence, MO or at the farm.  Visit our website and like us on Facebook.  Our farm is always open, so come on by.

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