Chestnut Charlie's Organic Tree Crops - Lawrence, KS

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Chestnut Charlie’s Organic Tree Crops

Chestnut Charlie's - Lawrence, Kansas - chestnut-in-burr

Charles NovoGradac and Deborah Milks
P.O. Box 1166
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
Home: 785-841-8505
Email: chestnutcharlie (a) gmail .  com

Chestnut Charlie’s is a local experiment and demonstration orchard of permanent tree crops grown under low-till, low-input and organic management. We specialize in fresh CHESTNUTS but are also developing select northern pecans and walnuts, and native pawpaws.

U-pick chestnuts on weekends, mid-September to mid-October, or purchase chestnuts direct by mail or at the Lawrence Farmers Market, or at select KC area natural foods stores and supermarkets. Check our website for availability.

Farm visits by appointment. We hire local pickers in fall. Certified Organic yearly since 1998.

Chestnut Charlie's - Lawrence, Kansas - chestnut-in-burr - D&C-trimmed

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