Be Love Too Farm - Edgerton, KS

Kansas City Food Circle Member Grower

Be Love Too Farm

Steve and Andrea Myers
21310 Evening Star Road
Edgerton, KS 66021
Phone: 913-526-5255
andrea (a) or steve(a)

Be Love Too Farm is a sustainable farm in Edgerton, KS, producing high quality, nutritious, non-certified organic VEGETABLES, HERBS, WHEAT GRASS, and SPROUTS for Cafe Gratitude KC.

Farmers Steve and Andrea Myers have created Be Love Too Farm from a commitment to fulfilling dreams for themselves and others.  The Cafe Gratitude community has deeply impacted the farmers’ lives (ask them their story) and this farm is one way for them to share their gifts with the world.  Be Love Too Farm was created in 2011 in partnership with Cafe Gratitude KC.  Beyond growing food to impact the health and vitality of humans and the Earth, Be Love Too is a community farm. We welcome visitors and invite you to join us in our monthly farm dinners, our volunteer days,or at the Cafe enjoying a bountiful meal.  For more information visit us at, or

Look forward to an expansion of Be Love Too Farm in future years to famers markets and/or a CSA.

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