Barham Cattle Company & Family Farm - Kearney, MO

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Barham Cattle Company & Family Farm



Kenny Barham
16600 NE 128th St
Kearney Mo. 64060
Farm: 816-628-4567
Cell: 816-365-2445

barhamcattleco (a)

Naturally raised BEEF and CHICKENS.  We avoid antibiotics and growth hormones.   Our cattle are fed on grass and given a locally grown GMO-free grain supplement.  We take great pride in our cattle.  We offer a variety of options for you to enjoy our beef.  You may purchase it by the cut, quarter, half or whole beef.  We are at Liberty’s farmers market on Saturdays.

We offer a Fall CSA for 6 months.  Visitors are always welcome.

Our CHICKENs are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones on grass in movable pens pioneered by Joel Salatin. These are moved morning and night. Our chickens always have grass, fresh air and sunshine. We also offer free range EGGS. Our hens are housed at night and let out in the morning to run, pick, scratch and enjoy free ranging. Our laying hens are supplimented with GMO-free feed, and we are transitioning our broilers to GMO-free feed.

I believe the way we raise our animals benefits all of us. We are committed to raising a healthy quality product for your family and mine. We know what we are feeding so you know what you are eating.

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