Adams' Osage Ridge Aronia Community Farm - Independence, MO

Kansas City Food Circle Member Grower

Adams’ Osage Ridge Aronia Community Farm

Joel and Kathy Adams  
18103 E Courtney Atherton Rd.
Independence, MO 64058
Phone: 816-255-6261 
kathyaherbs (a) yahoo .com
joel (a)

We grow the high-antioxidant Native American black CHOKEBERRIES (Aronia Melanocarpa), on the south ridge of the Missouri River; land once the home of the Hopewells and Osages. As a berry known for its contributions to improved mitochondrial health, the little known ARONIA BERRY is making a comeback.

We also grow a variety of VEGETABLES, HERBS, ELDERBERRIES, and BLACKBERRIES in season. Through our high-tunnel, seasons begin early and end later on with some vegetables.

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