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Scroll down for our text-only grower listing  – This is our Know Your Grower page, an alphabetical listing of all current member growers of the Kansas City Food Circle. Our annual Directory (click here for the .PDF booklet – revised and republished annually, in late March) is just one place where locavores can read up on our local organic and free-range growers. The text-only list below provides links to current info, and will be updated as new content is provided.  We also provide web page setup, web space and help with extending web presence to all member growers who request it. Listings on this page will be linked to individual pages found in the pull-down menu under Member Growers (above). Any exceptions to the Producer Pledges will be noted on the web page.

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Aside from requiring a small membership fee, the KC Food Circle has no financial interest in any of our producer-members. Our producers agree to meet our production standards by signing our Farmers Pledges. They write their own listings for this Directory. Being an all-volunteer organization we do not inspect and certify their growing and animal treatment practices or to verify any other claims. Nor can we guarantee our producers’ product quality or performance. If you have questions about what is meant by any particular term in a listing, please contact the producer directly. The Kansas City Food Circle’s mission is to provide people the information they need to build relationships based on trust with those who produce their food. Detailed information about many of our producers is found below.

Current KCFC Member Growers

These pages (linked below) contain more info than our PRINTED Directory of Local Organic and Free-Range Food Producers – grower entries in our printed Directory have been edited due to space limitations.  Full details of each farm will be found on individual pages linked by the farm name. These page entries are also found in the pull-down menu list under Member Growers (above).



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Farmers Pledges
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Our latest Grower Pledges are uploaded as our member growers submit renewals. Links to each will be made available on the Growers’ pages linked below. We require all our farmer-members to sign Farmers Pledges (see our .PDF version of the Directory). These Farmers Pledges only apply to the farming practices they use on their farms, not to the farming practices used to produce any off-farm ingredients in the processed foods they may sell (such as breads, jams, salsas, sausages, etc.). We also have some members that are exclusively a retail stores, not farms, and are not required to sign any Pledges. While we are committed to promoting organic agriculture, we also recognize the economic and logistical difficulties inherent in running a small farm while society continues to subsidize and promote large-scale, petrochemical agriculture. Consequently, we consider exceptions to the standards described in these Pledges on a case-by-case basis. To see if a particular farm has been granted any exceptions, they will be listed on the bottom of each page.

This extended KNOW YOUR GROWER – KC Food Circle Member Growers info is always being updated. New KCFC growers who qualify and who join us after the March printing deadline for our annual Directory, can opt in for online listings and all other types of support at any time at a reduced sign-up fee of $30. Visit our MEMBERSHIP page , fill out and send in the forms (including your signed Growers Pledge(s)) to apply. Send questions and comments to BB (@)