We recognize that farming organically and free-range in the midwest brings its own set of challenges.  While we can't control the weather, or prices, we can try to provide you with some resources to make your day just a little bit easier.

Non-GMO Feedstock Sources

Public awareness of the potential hazards of genetically modified organisms/genetically engineered (GMO/GE) in our food system continues to increase. Due to the increasing amount of comments we have received from consumers over the years, we have mandated that by 2017 all livestock, poultry, and egg farmer members will have eliminated feed containing GMO's. Primary feedstocks which commonly contain GMO's are soybeans, cottonseed meal, and some alfalfa. To help facilitate this transition, we have compiled a partial list of sources for non-GMO feed stock from within 150 miles of Kansas City.

Please contact these sources to discover your options for buying non-GMO feedstock.  Remember to communicate with your suppliers to what you estimate your needs might be over the course of a year.  The smaller mills and other suppliers need to know how much of which feedstock to purchase when it becomes available to them..  The entire demand-based chain depends on good communication between the livestock farmer, the mills, and the feedstock farmer.

Whether it's availability, transportation, or cost, finding a good source for non-GMO feed can be challenging.  We are continually working to find regional, short haul solutions to your non-GMO feedstock problems.  As you know, the demand for this commodity to completely demand-driven.  It is our hope that by creating more of a regional demand, the supply will become cheaper and easier to come by.  If there is someone missing from this list, please email .

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Non-GMO Feedstock 150 Mile Radius of KC

Local Butchers and Processors

This list is not a complete catalogue of the processors in our area.  We are listing here only those processors whom our Farmer Members use and recommend.

ButcherWhat They ProcessLocationContactDetails
ANCOchickenGarnett, KS(785) 448-2239USDA
Chic's Processingrabbit, small poultryArchie MO(816) 520-2337Pursusing USDA
Paradise Meatsbeef, pork, lambTrimble, MO(816) 370-6328USDA
Peculiar Meatsbeef, porkPeculiar, MO816-779-6328On farm kills, state inspected
Santa Fe Meatsbeef, pork, lamb, goatsOverbrook, KS(785) 665-7713state inspected
Woodson Co. MeatsYates Center, KSUSDA
Alewel's Country Meatsbeef, pork, lamb, goatsWarrensburg, MO(660) 747-8261/
(800) 353-8553
Kleoppel Meats (used to be Alma's Meats)beef, pork, rabbits (only MO processor to process rabbits under USDA inspection)Alma, MO(660) 674-2231USDA
Bauman's Butcher's Block ( formerly Stinsons)Beef, pork, lambOttowa, KS785-242-2254USDA
Baldwin's on Farm Butchering 816-813-1301
Toole's Farm Butchering 660-909-1857
HetheringtonClinton, MO
Krehbiel ‘s Specialty Meatsbeef, porkMcPherson, KSUSDA, AWA, GAP certified. BPA-free packaging
Moran Meat Lockerbeef, pork, lambMoran, KS
Bowser Meat ProcessingMeriden, KSState Inspected by request
Steve's Meat MarketPork, beef, poultryDe Soto, KS(913) 583-1390USDA, AWA

Retail Opportunities

Retail outlets like locally owned grocery other specialty stores are responding to increasing consumer demand for more local, organic, and free-range products.  Here is are some of the places that are actively sourcing from farmers like you.

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Kansas City Locally Sourcing Stores