Pinwheel Farm

Pinwheel Farm
Natalya Lowther
1480 N. 1700 Rd.
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Pinwheel Farm was established to ensure the preservation of 10+ acres of Class 1 agricultural soil in the Kaw River Valley just north of North Lawrence. A happy side effect is that we produce oodles of minimally-tilled, non-irrigated, pesticide-free vegetables, herbs, and fruit; forage-fed lamb and wool; machine washable sheep skins, sheep milk soap, and many other products.

2014 marks the debut of our collaboration with Beakhouse Hens to provide specialty hatching eggs, chicks, and breeding stock for backyard poultry enthusiasts.

Pinwheel Purchase Cards–our CSA alternative–let you budget your local food (etc.) dollars in advance and support the farm, while getting a 10% bonus for any amount you pre-pay. Find us Saturdays at the Downtown Lawrence Farmer’s Market or call to find us at the farm. We adore volunteers…it’s a labor of love!

No irrigation used for 15 years; no chemicals on crop land for 20 years. Special soil structure, abundant groundwater, and unique cultivation practices enable us to grow vegetables that are flavor- and nutrient-dense and store well. Carbon sequestration and habitat preservation are also an important aspects of our overall farming system.
Forage fed lamb and mutton; heirloom tomatoes; wide range of salad and cooking greens; new potatoes all summer; sweet potatoes; handspun hand-knit wool yarn items; sheep milk soap and other tallow products; machine washable sheep skins. Pinwheel Farm welcomes visitors by appointment, for workshops and lessons, and at Open Farm Days.
On-farm sales, Downtown Lawrence Farmer's Market, Wheatfields Bakery and other Lawrence restaurants, limited delivery, what meets YOUR needs?
We offer two CSA alternatives: weekly home deliveries within a select geographic area, and Pinwheel Purchase Cards.
Home delivery area is North Lawrence, East Lawrence, and Old West Lawrence, with a focus on serving customers who have difficulty getting to conventional farmer's markets or CSA pick-up points. Other home delivery hubs could be arranged through a local coordinator. We don't strive for huge, exotic delivery bags, but rather basic, familiar staples like salad, green onions, tomatoes, potatoes, radish, carrot, cooking greens, etc. Fresh fruit is included when available. Payment arrangements are flexible; advance payment via Purchase Card is encouraged.

Purchase Cards are a "punch card" system that allow customers to pay in advance for their vegetables, and get a 10% bonus for doing so. Available any time in any face value, Purchase Cards can be used to pay for any Pinwheel Farm product at any of our sales locations (Farmer's Market, the farm, deliveries, etc.)

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Pinwheel Farm