Janzen Family Farm

Janzen Family Farm
John Janzen
15076 NW 180th St.

Grass Fed Beef
Located right in the heart of the United States, near Newton, Kansas, Janzen Family Farms produces 100% grass-fed beef from animals living on wide-open pastures. Enjoying sunshine and fresh air every day, our grass-fed cattle eat what their bodies are designed to digest: a rich diversified diet of crop stubble, planted forages (for example, triticale and barley), cool season brome grass, forbs and other warm season prairie grasses. The Henry Creek runs through our land, which includes more than 30 acres of virgin prairie.

Our Commitment
We are working hard to produce distinctive, delicious food from healthy, pastured animals and rich soil – the kind of food unavailable in typical stores. Try it! We think its taste and quality will keep you coming back!

We believe that local food is the best food, because customers can personally get to know their producers and judge quality for themselves. Buying local food also invigorates the local economy, and empowers local producers, allowing growers and cattlemen to reap just rewards for the hard work they put into careful animal husbandry and stewardship of the land.

We make regular deliveries to the Lawrence, Kansas area.

Please check out our website and contact us for more info.


grass-fed beef
On the farm, and the Harvey County Farmers market in Newton, KS; Green Acres Markets and Natural Grocers in Wichita and the Chop Shop.
  • Janzen Family Farm
  • Janzen Family Farm

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Janzen Family Farm