What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture!  It is a seasonal subscription to a farm. There are as many types of CSA programs as there are Eaters who need them.  Some CSA farmers deliver to your door.  Some have drop off points near your home or work.  Some are pick up only at the farm.  Whatever type of CSA you need, our Farmers would love to provide you with some fresh, delicious food.

Please note:  The KC Food Circle does not distribute or grow the food you are looking for. Contact the farms listed below to find the CSA that is right for you.

How Do I Pick the Right CSA?

Choosing a CSA is a lot like real estate.  The most important thing to consider is location, location, location!  Here are some other things we think are important for you to think about, too.

Size & Price. How big is a share? Will it feed two? Four? How much produce (or meat) will you get for the cost? Some CSAs offer a “big box” and “small box” – talk to the farmer about what a typical share looks like. Keep in mind that week 1 will look very different from week 12. The amount in the box gets bigger as the growing season progresses. Can you opt out of too many radishes, or trade for more potatoes?

Length of season. How many weeks is the growing season? Is there a CSA that does early spring greens or late fall/winter squashes? That might be something you want to look for. If you want to stick with a traditional growing season for your first try at at CSA, that's a nice option, too.

Pick up & delivery day. Do you have to pick up at the farm or is there a local drop spot? Most CSAs offer this – it could be a refrigerated truck in a parking lot or a booth at the farmers market. What day is the pickup? Will that work with your schedule?

Where does it come from? Does the farm provide all the produce in the CSA box or do they obtain some from other sources? You might never think to ask this question, assuming that CSA = one farmer, right? Consider what normally grows around here.  If you are seeing crazy stuff like or watermelons in May, or oranges,  you might want to ask a few questions.  (Psst! Food Circle farmers pride themselves on transparency, and if you are signing up for a CSA with our Farmers, this is probably a non-issue.)

Organic or no? Is it imperative to you that your CSA be certified organic? Many of our farmers are certified organic, but ALL use sustainable practices and avoid nasty chemicals. The best plan is to specifically ask the farmer about growing practices. Do they use pesticides and herbicides? What kind of fertilizers do they use? These types of questions are just as important sometimes as that USDA Organic seal.

How Do I Join a CSA?

Ready to join a CSA? Now is the perfect time, as many farms are accepting new members for the next few weeks!

Step 1: Click on the CSA map below.
Step 2: Browse the various CSAs closest to you.
Step 3: Click on a CSA name from the list to see more detailed information.
Step 4: Contact the CSA directly to join and learn more about membership and shares.
Step 5: Start planning for some amazing food!

Are you a Farmer that offers a CSA? If you are within 100 miles of Kansas City and use organic and free range growing methods, read our farmer pledges, then apply to become a Member Farmer today!


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