Tea Cupping with Hugo Tea

Join Hugo Tea and The Kansas City Food Circle for an afternoon of tea!

Zach, from Hugo Tea will guide us through the basics and demo international cupping procedures. We will also sample all 8 of Hugo's teas and cup the tea ourselves.

Hugo Tea - 1007 Swift Street North Kansas City, MO 64116 -

Get tickets: goo.gl/zcyoSh

Hey Carnivores! Time to stock up!

Did you know that "eating seasonally" refers to pasture raised meat as well as vegetables?  It's true!  Fall and early winter means a bounty of meaty goodness for you.  Right now our farmers'  freezers are full of roasts, burgers, and chops just waiting to go home and jump in your crockpot.  All of our farmers avoid growth hormones and antibiotics, and raise their animals outdoors the way nature intended.   You can buy the whole animal, half, or even in the individual cuts, depending on the farmer. Visit these links below to find a farmer near you.  Most farmers will happily arrange a meet up point if you can't make it to their farm.




Chicken and Turkey

New Year’s Resolution Special Offer

Do you have a resolution for 2016 to eat really good food? 
While most resolutions are about bettering yourself through deprivation, this one is all about playing with your food, gratification, taste, and health! The best part? You can bring a friend along along on journey of taste!
Your Kansas City Food Circle Eater membership will include invitations to pop-up dinners, farm tours, happy hours, fun-with-food workshops and farm to table events. Get two individual memberships for $50 (a $10 discount.)
You will also have access to members only forums that will help guide you through the season and introduce you to member farmers and restaurants throughout the area. We give our Eater members the true local, organic, and free-range farm connection experience.
So join us today, and bring a friend!