Looking for a CSA?

Are you looking for a connection to how your food is grown and the people who grow it?  Or are you a foodie who demands the best ingredients?  Or are you short on time and can't make it to the farmer's markets?  Then a CSA farm subscription is the perfect way to get your local, organic goodness!

Click the link below for an easy to reference list of local, organic, and free-range farmers who have CSAs.  Chance are, at least one has drop off point near you! For more in-depth information on each farm in the list, visit our handy CSA Directory page.

2015 KC Food Circle CSA Farms

We Love Moms!

Spring is here (at last!) which means, Mother's Day is right around the corner.

You could get a sweet "Mom" tattoo to show her your devotion. OR, consider our Two for $50 KC Food Circle membership deal. Which means you can get yourself a KCFC membership and get your mom her own KCFC membership.* We will even send Mom a beautiful card for you featuring photography of local food and farms in Kansas City! All you have to do is to pick one of the fantastic and sustainable restaurants on our Eat Local and Organic Dining Card and take Mom out for brunch on her big day.

*Already have a KCFC membership for 2015? No problem! You can still buy one for Mom with the discounted rate.

KCFC Membership makes a great gift! Your loved one will get the Eat Local and Organic Dining Card plus invitations to events, farm to table dinners, special members-only events and a special card to celebrate the day.

Now you can celebrate the Moms in your life the local, organic way! And if you still want to get some ink, who are we to judge?