It’s Expo Season!

Is this your first time to the Eat Local & Organic Expos? Let us help answer some of your questions! We can't wait for you to join us at these big events!

Why should I go to the Expo? 

Because you eat. Whether you are just learning about local food or are a long-time member of the organic movement, the Expos have something just for you. You'll have the chance to buy delicious food directly from the local farmers who work hard to grow food for Kansas City. You will also have access to a wealth of resources and knowledge about local, organic food and sustainable practices.


What is "the Expo?"

The Expos are like giant, indoor farmers markets; one is March 28 and one is April 11.



What can I buy?

Local, organic, free-range fare! Early spring vegetables and herbs, eggs, meat, cheese, bread, honey, a few other goodies like jams and soap - maybe even a handmade wooden spoon!


Who will be there?

Farmers! And they would love to meet you!


Should I go to one expo or both?

Either! You can stock up at the first event but then you'll want to replenish your stock of fresh greens so come on back to the second one!


Can I bring my kids?

Yes! In fact, this year's workshop is geared for kids of all ages. The "Little Sprouts" workshop is a great way to teach kids about nature. From 10-10:45 at both Expos, Dayna McDaniel of SeedSavers-KC will host this introduction to seeds, pollination, fruit production and seed harvest. Kids will plant a pot of seeds to grow at home. This hands-on nature activity will give kids and parents alike the basic lessons in the magic of gardening and will give them the tools they need to get growing!

And meeting farmers is an important way to help both kids and adults learn and appreciate where their food comes from. And if you bring your kids to the KC Food Circle booth, they'll get a free sticker!


Should I bring my neighbor/friend/family member?

Yes! The expos are a great way to spend the day with people you like or love!


Can I sign up for one of those CSA things?

Yep! Talk to farmers directly and in person to get all your CSA questions answered so you can get signed up with confidence!


What's a CSA?

So glad you asked! It's a subscription to a farm that gets you a weekly share of fresh produce and sometimes meat, eggs, and cheese. It's a perfect way to improve your diet, support your local farm, and eat with the seasons.


What if I don't know how to cook the stuff I buy?

We'd love to introduce you to the Seasonal and Simple cookbook, a helpful guide and an important fundraiser for our all-volunteer non-profit organization. And a great resource for when you join that CSA you've had your eye on.


What else is a good source for when I join that CSA?

Farmers! They love to help you get to know where your food came from, how to store it, prepare it, preserve it, and enjoy it!


Should I bring a bag?

Yes. But, we'll sell you one of those too if you need it.


Should I bring cash? 

It's a good idea to bring cash but there are many farmers who can accept credit card payments and/or checks.


How much does this amazing event cost? 

It's free! Parking and admission are free! So join us! You'll be glad you did.