Local and Organic – Not an Either/or Issue

Americans care about their food, how it is farmed and how far it travels from the farm to their plate. This has spurred the growth of organic and local sales in the marketplace. With increased national awareness and popularity comes attention from national and local press, consumer groups, government and nonprofit agencies. There are both voices of skepticism as well as applause for this consumer concern, and many ask the question: Which one is the better? Local or Organic?

The answer with all its variables can’t be straightforward. Ideally, buying local, organic food would be a strong first choice. This encourages environmentally beneficial farming practices in your own backyard while supporting your local farming community. But if that’s not an option, how do you choose? The answer does not have to be an either/or choice, and it will depend on the values and priorities used by you, the consumer, when buying your food.

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